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Urban Dezign provide services and solutions which are based on a holistic perspective using different Feng Shui techniques and principles. 


Colour Schemes

Colour is important in our lives - it is powerful and it can revive a tired area, change our mood and lift our spirits. Each of the five elements - metal, water, wood, fire and earth have its own colour in Feng Shui and we can assistyou to link the right colours with the elements in the right spaces to enhance your home or work environment. 

Urban Dezign can provide you with information, advice and solutions for colours that suit your personality, what colours to use to create atmosphere, the effects of natural light versus artificial light on colour and what emotions different colours bring out in us and our surrounding area. We can provide colour palettes and develop your vision for your space and style using colour.


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Decluttering your home, business or working area is like clearing your mind. We are all different in how much we value the items we have collected, that we have been given, or have purchased. However, there comes a time when our collections take over and it starts to clutter our spaces. Do we really need all the "stuff" we have? If we don't know what we have - or we never use them - then it is time for decluttering.

We assist with indvidual work in homes and in work places and we also conduct workshops. We have developed a practical program where we explain how decluttering can enhance your life and work, create new ideas, better relationships etc.

Urban Dezign can assist you to find solutions using deifferent techniques to create heavenly spaces.

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Feng Shui

Feng Shui is about achieving balance, harmony and prosperity in our lives. The Chinese culture have long used Feng Shui principles and techniques as determining factors in planning, designing and decorating internal and external environment. Urban Dezign use the classical Feng Shui techniques of Form School, Compass School and Flying Stars to give a comprehensive understanding of how to enhance the cycle of life in the home and work environment. We provide a well documented report that can be used as a reference for future use.  

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Property Styling

Property styling is our specialty and we take pride in offering and including a Feng Shui analysis with this service.

We combine innovation, imagination and individuality to implement solutions for homes, work, small businesses and not for profit organisations.

We advice how to make your home comfortable to live in or getting it ready for sale. We can utilise your existing furnishings and accessories or assist you with sourcing new furniture, fabrics, artwork and accessories.

Urban Dezign can also arrange for hire of furniture, accessories and art work if needed.

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Urban Dezign works with as much natural materials, paints and ecological products as possible. We are continuously sourcing suppliers that protect our environment.