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    June 8, 2011

    Filed under: Feng Shui,Travel by urbandezign @ 4:36 pm

    Urban Dezign is now venturing in to incorporate the technique of Feng Shui in interior design and styling. Balance and harmony is important in our lives. When it comes to designing and styling homes it is important to find the right ‘feel’ for warmth and comfortable living. If we look at the work areas we surround us with for a major part of our lives it is even more important to create harmony and balance since we pick up different energy from people around us.

    To excel and become more professional Urban Dezign will attend 6 day workshop in Feng Shui conducted by Grand Master Raymond Lo in Singpore in August. The topics will cover amongst other things the meaning, history and traditions of Feng Shui; Physical environment, Yin and Yang and the Five elements,  the concept of space; Flying Star School of Feng Shui; Usage of Lo Pan; performance of Feng Shui analysis; dissolving bad Feng Shui; water methods and arranging the Dragon.

    Once this information has been absorbed and put into everyday practice Urban Dezign will conduct practical workshop as well as individual consultations. The overall idea is to share as much as possible of the balance and harmony amongst people who are interested in this topic or feel that they can take on a challenge.

    Feeling very enthusiastic and energised and have so much good feedback from existing clients and friends. There is no turning back now for Urban Dezign!

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